Quality Assurance Program

It's the core of our business.

Our Quality Assurance Program produces consistently exemplary results for our clients

FMC has a detailed and proven quality control system to ensure that your organization is as clean as it can be. This system of audits, reports, site inspections and management accountability has resulted in the highest satisfaction and retention rate in our industry.  Now that’s something we are very proud of.

  • check-listAt frequent intervals, someone from the corporate staff will visit the facility to audit the performance of the site staff during day and night.
  • Every week, the corporate staff will review the supervisor’s progress reports to determine the accomplishment of tasks and the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Not a day will go by without the evening supervisor making written inspections
    of the project. The corporate management will review this record on each visit.
  • We suggest that formal weekly tours take place with your coordinator and FMC management.
  • A complete site inspection must take place once each month conducted by FMC and with personnel from your facility. This tour in particular will support the premise that FMC is producing the expected quality standard.

It’s the core of our business. It’s why our clients stay with us for years, and the few who do leave tend to come back.

This approach helps us meet your objectives and ours:

  • To ensure that the cleaning standards meet acceptable client, environmental, fire and safety standards
  • To develop audits that will provide a means of monitoring all functions of the cleaning services
  • To provide a systematic method of resolving and follow up of identified problems
  • To ensure that policies and procedures are updated in order to maintain a safe and clean environment for all concerned
  • To provide a system of communication and coordination for the purpose of identifying and resolving problems.
  • To provide a system of reporting our activities to FMC management