Hospital Equipment Tagging Procedure

Hospital Equipment Tagging Procedure


  • Each department will be assigned a specific color. This color will be used to identify and return the equipment to its appropriate location. This system will incorporate an I.D. band that is color-coded and numbered. An inventory sheet will be filled out for each department's equipment. These procedures will assist E.V.S./P.T. in the transportation of the rolling stock.

  • The band can be secured around any part of the equipment (i.e. handle, arm of chair, base). Do not adhere the band directly to equipment. Please use tape because the band's adhesive is difficult to remove.

  • The Director or Supervisor will use their discretion to tag equipment to be serviced. Our goal is to service all of the hospital's rolling stock. All equipment to be serviced will have to be tagged prior to service.

  • Once equipment is tagged and inventoried, stage equipment in a location near the elevator. This will speed the exchange of equipment needing service with equipment that has been sterilized.

  • This service will primarily transpire during second shift. There is a need for first shift to stage equipment needing service and third shift to replace with sterile equipment.

  • By working together, this will help minimize disruption to patient service. This protocol is to comply with JCAHO accreditation. The maintenance and sterilization of the rolling stock will help create the safest environment for staff and patients.